Commercial Brokerage

SkyeCroft Realty leverages its resources, contacts, team and experience to bring the best game plan to the table to execute on the sales of commercial real estate. Whether working to sell your asset as an investment or to a user, our professionals can help provide market research and coaching through various strategies. With deep knowledge and experience in project leasing and property management, the team at SkyeCroft Realty can provide relevant information to help position for the goals of future sale.

Many resources your team will bring to the table are as follows:

  • Developing a marketing and execution strategy from the onset to help set a game plan and expectations for the sales process and timeline.
  • Leveraging the experience of our robust team from leasing and sales experts across all product types, to property and construction management, to identify value-add strategies when positioning for sale.
  • Tracking dynamics in the local market as well as financial markets that impacts sales activity and pricing.
  • Through strong local brokerage relationships working to aggressively collect and track all relevant sales data.
  • Providing multiple contacts throughout the commercial real estate lending industry to help buyers arrange financing options.
  • Promoting SkyeCroft Realty’s heavy list of local, regional and national investors as well as local tenants/users as likely prospects.
  • Utilizing SkyeCroft Realty’s industry-leading marketing platform to broadcast the sale opportunity to the widest possible audience.
  • Creating industry-leading marketing packages and materials.
  • Providing professional and well-researched Brokers’ Opinions of Value.
  • Analyzing the various offers and presenting the information in an effective manner to help show the pros and cons of each offer.
  • Providing a sales date tracker once under contract to help address timelines and track progress.